This is the new home of the many experimental aircraft Access Opening Kits that have been custom built by George Race, @,  for some time.  The move will be Monday, 8/14/17 of shop equipment and materials.  The web site is now ready to direct orders and payments to me.  BUT, it will be near the end of next week, before I actually start turning out finished product.  I will acknowledge your orders, and give you a tenative shipping date if you do order any of my kits, in the mean time.
Thanks,  Mike Chesney

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Changes Are Coming

Changes Are Under Way

This Is  The New Web Site

I have been serving the needs of home Airplane Builders for some time now.  It has been one of the most rewarding times of my life.  Now at 81 years old, it is time to turn to other things, as the slow  process of ageing is catching up with me.  I am at that point in life where the mind is still working, but the body is having a lot of trouble keeping up. So, a new direction is needed to keep the supply of parts coming to the many loyal builders.

For some time now,  Mike Chesney has been working as my Apprentice, learning all the in's and out's of building access kits, setting up CNC programs, and in general getting ready to take over my "part time" Kit Building Hobby.  Mike is a pilot and currently building a Zenith 750 Cruzer.  Mike is turning out quality products, equal to what I have been doing, and is getting ready to start providing services to the "Builders" community.

Mike is starting off with a new Web Site. And you are now on the new home page!  The page is active and currently under construction.  As soon as the web site is complete, and the production equipment and materials have been moved,  this will be the only way to buy your Experimental Airplane Access Kits.  We are making this change as easy as possible, and it will not cause any delay getting out orders in a timely manner.  

Hold down your Ctrl key, and use your mouse wheel to fit my web pages to your screen size.